Venison Crunch-wrap

Venison Crunch-wrap
This is a play on one of my personal favorite order off the Taco Bell menu, the Crunchwrap SupremeⓇ. It has the stuffed feeling of a burrito with the crunch of a hard shell taco, except this time with venison! Or whatever ground game meat you have in the freezer. Bring late night college T-bell runs to your kitchen with this recipe and tag us in the pictures!



4. Before folding in your edges add your shredded cheese, as much as your heart desires. This will act as the “glue” and keep your crunch-wrap from coming undone. Next fold in the edges of the large tortilla, up and over the tostada

5. Finally add your crunch-wrap, fold-side-down, into a skillet over medium heat. Cook until golden colored (about 2-3 minutes) then flip. It is important to not get your skilled too hot here as you want the cheese to melt and hold the folds together, not burn.

6. Serve and enjoy!

Crunchwrap Supreme Ⓡ is a registered trademark of Taco Bell

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