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Forget About Pumpkin Spice, It’s Deer Chili Season!

Forget About Pumpkin Spice, It’s Deer Chili Season!

This recipe was sent to us by our Hunt Lift Eat Team Member Jessica Vaughan. We wanted to share to ya'll so you can get it done in the backwoods, and the kitchen! Forget about your pumpkin spice, i...

RecipeDad's Venison Summer Sausage

Dad's Venison Summer Sausage

This recipe was passed on to me from my dad and is great for quick and delicious summer sausage. Don't have a smoker or casings? That's ok! In this recipe all you will need is a baking sheet, a han...

RecipeWild Turkey Sloppy Joes

Wild Turkey Sloppy Joes

This Wild Turkey Sloppy Joes recipe will have you reading with a growling stomach by the time you finish. Wild Turkey Sloppy Joes are one of Team Member Bobby McCready's favorite fixins' after he's...

RecipeCote’s Elk Meatballs

Cote’s Elk Meatballs

Recipe submitted by Hunt Lift Eat team member Joel Cote Once I saw some of the recipes and cooking content that Joel shares on his Instagram, I knew we had to share his work with the Hunt Lift Eat ...

RecipeCrock Pot Venison Roast

Crock Pot Venison Roast

Do you have a venison roast in the freezer from last season and you're not 100% sure what do to with it? Well, this is the perfect recipe for you! This recipe is simple AND delicious. Just throw y...

RecipeNashville Hot Rabbit Bites by Caleb Johnson

Nashville Hot Rabbit Bites by Caleb Johnson

NASHVILLE HOT RABBITI encourage any recipe I write to be approached with some personal creativity. It’s not difficult to change the level of spice, alter your accompaniments or utilize a different...