FREYR- Mobility

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Mobility vs. Stretching: Why do we call this a "mobility" program instead of a stretching program? Stretching, as we typically perform it, focuses solely on muscles. It also typically implies something static and without intention, such as simply bending over and hanging out at end range of motion.

However, the human body is made up of far more soft tissue than just our muscle groups, and all of these contribute to our ability to perform in the gym, the track, or the backcountry. Mobility takes a more holistic view of the preventative medicine we prescribe here. It focuses on those tight muscles and the tissues they connect to, including possible joint capsule restrictions. 


How to Use This Program:

Option 1 - Focus Areas: Pick an area or two where your mobility is lacking. Perform the entire list of exercises for that area in the recommended protocols 2-3x per week. This can be done either post workout or as a stand-alone routine. This is recommended if you are trying to target or overcome a specific issue you are having.

Option 2 - Holistic Routine: Perform one exercise from each of 3-5 areas. Cycle through each exercise from your focus areas as you progress. Do this 2-3x per week either post-workout or as a stand-alone routine separate from your workout that day. This is recommended if you are using this for general maintenance and to prevent injury.