Grilled Asian Ginger Venison Heart

Grilled Asian Ginger Venison Heart
By: Evan Isner

Countless game hearts get left in gut piles each year to be eaten by the birds or coyotes. If you have never cooked heart or are looking to expand your horizons, heart is unique and fantastic table fare. See How to Trim a Deer heart at the bottom of this recipe.

You will need:

Dried Chives


Ground Ginger

Garlic Powder

Soy Sauce

Trim and slice deer hear into "wheel" shapes, thick enough to grill. Add the cuts to a mixing bowl. Add half a cup of soy sauce and desired amounts of listed about as seasoning. Mix then cover and place in the fridge for 30 minutes.

Heat up your grill and grill hearts on high heat. Grill to desired internal doneness, we recommend 2-3 minute per side. Do not overcook! Cook just like you would backstrap. This can be done in a pan or cast iron as well.

Serve on its own or on a salad; with potatoes or a side of asparagus. This is a versatile cut and is nutritionally dense, an excellent way to increase your yield of the meat you harvest.

How to Trim a deer heart: Two Methods

First Method: This is the quick method. First rinse your heart in cold water and trim off any fat on the outside.

Next Cut the top of the heart off and then core out the heart from the top. With a fillet knife cut inside the heart in a circular motion to remove all connective tissue (heart strings) as well as the arteries.

Finally, while on its side, slice the heart across and into wheel shaped cuts, thick enough to be grilled. See picture above.

Second Method: Rinse your heart under cold water and get out any residual blood, typically the blood had clotted and comes out pretty easily.

Second, trim the heart. Use a sharp knife and trim away any fat you see. Cut the top of the heart off and make a vertical cut from the top of the heart to the bottom. Do not cut in half but instead to the center. You will essentially doing a butterfly cut or "unrolling" the heart.

Slice gently and continue "unrolling" the heart. Cut away the arteries and fibrous connective tissues/ heart strings. You will be left with good, clean meat just like any other choice cut. Continue making small cuts to remove fat, arteries or connective tissue and your end goal will be to have the heart lay flat on the table.

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