Classic Patty Melt, With a Venison Twist

Classic Patty Melt, With a Venison Twist
A classic patty melt is something I always look for on a restaurant menu, but am generally met with disappoint. If you’re like me, I am always looking to try new recipes especially when the main ingredient is ground venison.

I can only handle so many spaghetti nights before it gets a little old. This recipe allows for you to put a twist in your cooking and add something new / different to the ground venison menu in your household. While there are several ways to cook a great patty melt, this is just one way that we have found to be consistently good and easy to make without too much thought.

This one pan dish will surely be a favorite and is a great introductory meal to someone who may not be too keen on venison.. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

You Will Need:


7. When you are done cooking your patties, set them aside. Keep your pan on medium heat as you are about to use it again. Take your bread, open face, and add 1 slice of cheese to each piece of bread. Then add your onions followed by two patties on each side. Optional add a slice of tomato because health. Bring both pieces of bread together and add your remaining butter to the pan.

8. Once the butter has heated up, place your patty melt into the pan and cook both side until golden brown. Once golden brown, take it out of the pan and onto the table.

Recipe by @cole_ried

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