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Hunt Lift Eat Team Member Application Program

The Hunt Lift Eat Team is a group of men and women who share a passion for the outdoors, fitness, nutrition, and much more. Through these facets, the Hunt Lift Eat team wants to educate and encourage people to use the outdoors, fitness, and nutrition to improve their every day lives. 

I became a member of the Hunt Lift Eat team in February of 2022. In the 15 or so months between filling out my application and writing this article I've had a great experience being a part of this company. In that short time, the Hunt Lift Eat company has pushed me to try new things, set new goals, go on hunts in new places with new people, and improve in many different areas by getting out of my comfort zone.

If you're looking for free gear and handouts, this is not for you. The Hunt Lift Team Member Program is much different than your typical "brand ambassadorship" programs. However, Hunt Lift Eat has much more to offer than free gear.

The Hunt Lift Eat Team consists of men and women from all over the U.S. and Canada. This broadness of backgrounds and culture opens up a comradery and togetherness that will lead to new friendships and new unique hunting opportunities for our members. Each year we schedule small and large scaled meet ups and hunting trips together which always ends in a great time!



Through our team member program we offer monthly seminars that range on a variety of topics consisting of: archery, mindset, motivation, western hunting, first aid, and more. 

Do you have a topic you'd like to discuss or knowledge you'd like to share to our followers and listeners? As a team member you will have opportunities to appear as a guest on the Hunt Lift Eat and Fish Lift Eat Podcasts. Do you have a passion for writing? We are always looking for team members to contribute new and exciting content to our "Articles & Recipes" section the Hunt Lift Eat website. 



As a member you will also have exclusive and first access to new Hunt Lift Eat products and fitness programs at a discounted rate along with other discounts from partnered companies. 

If you're competitive and always looking for a new challenge to conquer, we compete in multiple fitness challenges each year where we compete against each other and non team members. Some of these challenges consist of Hero Week Workouts, 4th of July Runs, Rucking Challenges, and more! Through these challenges we are able to donate our proceeds to charitable organizations.

Hunt Lift Eat News:

Women in the Wild:

Hunt Lift Eat has started a new initiative called "Women in the Wild" that is ran by our badass female team members. Our female team members are a strong addition to the Hunt Lift Eat team and continue to advocate and educate for women who share a passion for the outdoors, fitness, and nutrition. If you're a female who wants to get involved, our Hunt Lift Eat Team and the Women in the Wild would love to have you!

Hero Week Challenge:

The Hero Week 2023 registration is now open and you can sign up at the following link:

7 Days, 7 Hero WODs to honor the sacrifices of those we've lost. All proceeds will go to support Project Savior Outdoors: "Our mission is to fight PTSD and Veteran suicide by connecting with the great outdoors and sharing the true freedom that comes through Jesus Christ!"

Sign Up also includes a HLE Hero Week 2023 t-shirt. Please ensure you register with a valid email & check your spam and promotions for the t-shirt order link.



New Article from Elizabeth Brownell "Rookie Hunting"

In this article, Author Elizabeth Brownell shares some lessons learned of her first experiences as a new hunter. Elizabeth is a perfect example of how we can always learn and try new things by getting out of our comfort zones. You can expect more content from Elizabeth coming soon on the Hunt Lift Eat blog and you can check out Elizabeth on her Instagram and TikTok @rookie_hunting. If you'd like to hear more about Elizabeth and her story of creating "Rookie Hunting," she appeared on the Hunt Lift Eat podcast back on episode #87.

Hunt Lift Eat Team Member Applications:

There are countless benefits as a team member of Hunt Lift Eat. Are you ready to accept a new challenge in life and be pushed to improve daily by likeminded men and women who share a passion for the outdoors, fitness, and nutrition? If the answer is yes, then Hunt Lift Eat is the company for you. Fill out the application and interview with our team leaders to start your next challenge as a Hunt Lift Eat Team Member.



As always, we appreciate all of you for reading! Check out the Hunt Lift Eat and Fish Lift Eat Podcasts and follow us on our Instagram accounts:








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