Hunt Hard. Lift Heavy. Newsletter Volume.2

Hunt Hard. Lift Heavy. Newsletter Volume.2
Welcome back to another edition of the Hunt Hard. Lift Heavy. Weekly Newsletter. This blog is your one stop shop for all things Hunting, Fitness, Nutrition, and a live look into the daily lives of our team and Hunt Lift Eat Community!

On the Hunt Hard. Lift Heavy. Weekly Newsletter we will be giving you weekly recaps and a look forward to the next week, podcast summaries, new upcoming challenges, new product line drops, and more! Let's dive into what's been going on within the realm of hunting hard, lifting heavy, and killing it in the kitchen!

Tuesday Tips Review:
On August 9th we released Episode 49 of our Tuesday Tips podcast where our podcast producer Carter Mckenzie welcomed back team members Bobby McCready and Derick Bosley to the HLE airways. During this episode the fellas discussed hitting daily protein goals, ways to improve as a bowhunter, and the importance of a solid med kit along with ways to improve them while in the field.

On August 16th we released Episode 50 of the Tuesday Tips podcast. On this episode, Carter welcomed one heck of a lineup with team members Tyler Besaw, Caleb Jordan, Ben Stevens, and Jeremy Williams. If you're losing sleep dreaming about the upcoming hunting season this fall, then this is the episode to get you ready for the chase! Some tips and topics during this episode include saddles, ground blinds, tree stand safety, the gear you need for your stand, and much more.

The Hunt Lift Eat Podcast Review:
Check back on August 11th to catch Episode 68 of the Hunt Lift Eat Podcast where you can hear the last episode of our Turkey Talk Series. For this episode Carter Mckenzie welcomes in a group of HLE team members who successfully filled turkey tags in their states of Montana (Gabe Robinson), Wisconsin (Max Robert), and New York (Frankie Jay). During this episode the fellas discuss the different strategies, stories, mistakes, and successes along the way that led to them all punching tags!

This week on August 18th we released Episode 69 of the Hunt Lift Eat Podcast. We want to thank our guests Tom and Thomas Diesing who are the operators and owners of Mile High Note Game Calls. If you like authentic and genuine family businesses who put a personal touch on each one of their products, then Mile High Note Game Calls are for you. Some topics covered during this episode include the science behind calls, an incredible moose hunting story, and the origin or their company.

Below you will see the link where you can listen to all podcast episodes and how you can follow our team members and podcast guests on Instagram.

Hunt Lift Eat News:

NEW HUNT LIFT EAT PODCAST INSTAGRAM: Don't forget to go give our new Instagram account a follow @thehuntlifteatpodcast. This account was created specifically to give extra content directly from our podcasts!

EXPANDING THE TEAM: We will be conducting interviews very soon and are looking forward to adding some kick ass men and women to our team! If ya'll applied while the applications were open, check your email and your spam folders. If you're welcomed to the team, get ready to be pushed daily by men and women who wake up each day and get after it!

NEW PRODUCT DROP: Get over to the Hunt Lift Eat website now to check out our new HLE Pioneer 13mm Lever Belt. Rumor has it that if you wear the belt, you'll end up looking like our team's Pro Strongman and Fitness/Nutrition Coach Anthony Diehl (@coach_anthonydiehl).

Here at Hunt Lift Eat, we are a team of like minded individuals who push each other daily to improve in the field, the gym, the kitchen, and in all parts of life! As ambassadors of hunting, fitness, and nutrition, we also have made it one of our goals to become mentors and help introduce others to our way of life. With this goal in mind, I reached out to the Hunt Lift Eat team members who come from all different areas and asked them to share some of their experiences and advice they would give to help mentor individuals who look to get involved or want to improve in the woods, the weight room, or in the kitchen! Each edition of the newsletter we will be introducing a couple more team members with their background and their advice.

Tim Kirtley is from and currently lives in Grottoes, Virginia. Tim's favorite part about the HLE team is the community aspect of the team. He mentioned that anyone is willing to help you in anyway possible. Tim is also a huge fan of the Hunt Lift Eat gear! His advice for new hunters is that you should realize you aren't going to kill something every time you go out. It's more about the experience rather than the kill. Tim shares that you'll be much better off to appreciate nature and how life and all of your worries seem to stop when you enter the woods. He also shares that you should take time to get comfortable with your weapon so that you can be humane and confident in your hunts.

Jeremy Williams is a team member from Guntersville, Alabama who is currently stationed in Fort Campbell, KY. Jeremy's favorite part of the HLE team is the camaraderie and the feeling of the team being like a family. His best advice for new hunters is to be patient and identify funnels on a map to narrow down a good place to start looking for deer sign. Within nutrition, Jeremy makes a great point when he says that "you can't out train a shitty diet!" That's right! For his fitness advice, he asks for new gym goers to be patient and research what you need to do based on your fitness goals. Don't expect to be jacked in a month and get discouraged when you're not. It takes time.

Chrissy Toussaint is from and currently living in New Jersey. Her favorite part about the HLE team is that her fellow team members make her feel like family. We are a close knit group! Her best piece of hunting advice for new hunters is that you shouldn't be afraid to ask questions or to ask for help. Even though you may run into a few negative people along the way, more often than not you will find people who are willing to help you every step of the way. Ask a HLE team member and we'll gladly be your mentor!

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